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Originally Posted by apt13 View Post
i've also got a weird "clunk" noise in the front end and haven't been able to figure it out. i was actually going to rebuild the forks this weekend to see what happens. i'd like to know if you ever figure yours out. i'll keep an eye on your thread for sure!
A "clunk" type noise is usually the steering head bearings, but you really want to look at them on an old bike if just to remove and replace the old congealed grease.If I was home I could post pics of what I found in my 87GS.....scary!

A "clack" type noise can be worn "guide rings" inside the forks, kind of happened at the same time on my 85 K100 and my roommate's R100S so we spent a week-end way back then dissasembling cleaning and refitting our forks with copious amounts of "Lube". Easy job really when the lower bolt holding the internals cooperates. I usually loosen that one up before removing the tension on the springs,seems to hold the internals better so they don't turn as you unscrew the bolt.

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