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Geez! So many responses! Thanks all for the kind welcome!

Originally Posted by FR700 View Post
Clear concise posts with appropriate sized pictures will not be tolerated

I will try to do better next time;)

Originally Posted by samthg View Post
Many turn to Snowbum...

Iíve looked at his stuff, but find his site difficult to use - Iíll keep trying:)

Originally Posted by kbasa View Post
For the carbs... Do they work OK?...The oil is likely coming out of the pushrod tubes, those cigar tube looking things at the base of the cylinders. Spray the whole thing with Simple Green and degrease it. Then, watch to see where it's coming from. If it's the pushrod tubes, you're going to learn about how motors work.

The bike runs, so i guess(?) they work ok;) Part of my learning process is taking things apart so even if they are working, I want to disassemble and rebuild so I understand them better - this ultimately will go for the entire engine I hope...I have tons of SG, but the bike has some serious layers of filth. My new approach is to clean as I take parts off rather than try to clean everything and all the nooks and crannies ahead of time - not great, as I wanted to start with a clean bike, but I've found it is about impossible to get to all the filth.

Originally Posted by hardwaregrrl View Post sure to clean up the exhaust threads with a brush and be liberal with a coat of anti-seize on the threads before reinstalling the head pipes.. Read this, t
Originally Posted by hardwaregrrl View Post
hen wander around his site a bit....May want to get some electrical cleaner and dielectric grease and go through all the connections. Might help the horn problem. Lots of info here, lots of good folks willing to help. Oh...change those fuel filters, drop your float bowls and clean them out with carb cleaner and some compressed air for starters.
I already have the anti-seize ready for when I reassemble the exhaust:) - Great site about the oil filter - I bought what I think I need from Bobís BMW for the filter change, and have the Clymer manual. Good call on the fuel filters, etc. Iíll put it on my list;)

Originally Posted by Bill Harris View Post
Blindfishz? Benthic? Marine biologist??

Avid underwater photographer - my external flashes blind the fish as I foto them;)

Originally Posted by PolloAsesino View Post
Also, wash the underside of the bike and tighten those bolts under the oil pan ( they are upside down) That stopped 90% of my oil leaks.

Yeah, Iím hoping that is what it is - I have a new oil pan gasket and crush washers coming...

Originally Posted by fishkens View Post
But use a torque wrench - those oil pan bolts can easily be overtightened and stripped.

I donít currently have a torque wrench that goes that low - I think the manual calls for 6 or 9ft/lbs? Iíll look into a smaller wrench. As I said, Iím new to engines (and torque wrenches!) - a friend had told me that for anything under 10 ft/lbs, it wasnít terribly important to use a torque wrench, I take it you disagree?

Originally Posted by apt13 View Post
just about the exact same bike (and story) as me...

Awesome:) ditto if you find the clunk problem first.

Originally Posted by H96669 View Post we spent a week-end way back then dissasembling cleaning and refitting our forks ...

Yup, that is the plan:) I need to read through my manual again to make sure I have everything i need. Also, with my tiny garage I donít have a lot of space - BUT! My wife and I are hopefully very close to buying a new home with a nice garage, so some of the disassembly projects might wait...

Originally Posted by Wirespokes View Post
The squeaking turn signals is most likely caused by the turn signal beeper barely working. ...The clunk in the front end is most likely that the bumpers disintigrated - a rubber donut that softens the collision of slider and fork tube. Does it make the clunk on compression or rebound? Steering head bearings are probably ok. ...The grease can get old and stiff and make the bearings feel notchy, and you'd swear the bearings are bad. But all that's needed is a clean up and fresh grease...

Huh, I didnít realize the turn signal beepers were seperate from the horn - I knew about this feature, but thought they were just wired to the horn. I plan on stopping the beeps as soon as I figure out how;) I think there is a lot of old and stiff grease on this bike!;) I hope to eventually disassemble everything and rebuild with fresh grease and parts where needed:)

I really appreciate the warm welcome! Iíve been meaning to join the airheads group so maybe Iíll get that done tonight:) Iíll try to come up with a list of ďdumbĒ questions for my next post;)

Thanks everyone!
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