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Originally Posted by Sparrowhawk View Post
A bit of a hijack but BD offers a 2+2 setup (2 ea. Double Stryk) but it would cost another $150 over a single Squadron for the same light output.

Trent or Diego,

How do you think a Double Stryk would work as a booster high beam for a dual-sport bike? It appears the light output is half of the larger Squadron but I really like the idea of being able to switch it between my motorcycle and mtn bike.

I am running a 35 W HID H4 hi/lo conversion kit from another vendor in one of your standard lens/reflectors (BD#60-0002) and it works quite well. It would be nice to get a little more light on high beam though. I could run both the 35 W HID and a Double Stryk and still draw less current than the stock 65 W halogen. The trick would be figuring out a mount but that shouldn't be too hard. Using it as a helmet-mounted light is another interesting option for trail use.

From what I have been able to gather, a standard halogen H4 bulb is good for about 1,500 lumens on high (65 W) and a 35 W HID bulb runs about 2,800 lumens. Both lose lumens in the reflector and lens before becoming useful light. The Double Stryk has a legitimate 1,800 lumens with a good pattern so it wouldn't double the amount of light I already have but should be a noticeable addition.

Any thoughts?

Hey guys, I think that the Double Stryk would work great as a high beam booster on a dual sport bike. I've mountain biked with all of our mountain bike lights and the Double Stryk is insanely bright.

We've had a lot of customers asking about mounting options on the vehicle kit so this is something our engineers will be working on sometime in the near future. The Double Stryk and Squadron use the same optics and LED circuitry so the beam pattern on the Double Stryk is literally half of a Squadron. It would definitely be a noticeable addition. Here is a link to a video you have to see, this is the Las Vegas Enduro cross Baja Designs night race. This rider won and he only has two Double Stryk's mounted to his helmet; nothing on the bike itself. Also as a note the hot spot you see on the video are not there, the light is actually distributed evenly, but unfortunately the camera caught the bright light and did't know how to process it. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions.

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