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Bultaco Matador 1969

I am still trying to set the timing on my '69 Matador.

The prescription I am following is this:

1. Set the points through the "window" at .016 at the hi point of the cam lobe.
2. Set the timing by rotating the stator, (pulling and reinstalling of flywheel) until the light on my Bultaco box goes on indicating that the points are open at 3mm + - BTDC.

The points are now precisely gapped at .016 at the highest point of the cam lobe. Checking the light indicates that the points are opening 3 and one half revolutions of the dial too early. So lets see - that would be 100 mm per revolution x 3 plus 50 mm = 350mm. Only off by 347 mm. So I need to rotate the stator plate to back the rubbing block off the cam a distance to allow the flywheel to advance enough to not engage the rubbing block 347 mm too early - not going to happen of course.

All right - so set the points so they are opening significantly less than .016 which allows travel of the flywheel to trvael closer to TDC before the light comes on indicating that the points have opened. Now I have minimal point opening but the timing is close. Adjust the stator 1/4" - 1/2" travel to precision 3mm BTDC.

One problem as I see it is that as the rubbing block wears the point gap gets less which means I don't go very far before I need to take everything apart again and reset points because they were set so close to begin with that they are now closed completely. Do the magnets line up because the stator was rotated - I believe by looking up through the window I can see that at the exacy moment the points open the magnets need to travel 1/4" before optimally located.

Any help would be appreciated.
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