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Originally Posted by Spidi - on track View Post
Hi Reverse,

We're very proud about Spidi first position in RIDE magazine.

Ergo 365 Pro Expedition is our high-end adventure kit, it's the third evolution of the famous 1998 Ergo (The first 3-layers jacket and pants). It's quite new, so it will be well available in the US from 2012.

Anyway, you can find it now in US at this link:

Otherwise you can buy it from the official Spidi store at the links (suit or jacket only):

You can even have a look to a cheaper version (comes without Level 2 Back Protector and Chest Protector):

Prices are in Euro, delivery to USA takes around 5 working days.

Let me know if you need further help or info.

Thanks for your interest

Matteo De Vito
Spidi Marketing Dept
Vicenza - Italy
so i am looking for my last motorcycle jacket for a while. i am willing to spend the money on a good jacket. i ride 20,000 miles per year commuting in the san francisco bay area. 80 miles per day round trip, mostly freeway. 80 degrees and down to mid 20's occasionally. a fair amount of rain some years.

i am not fashion model thin by any means. i am 5'10" tall and about 220 pounds. fairly round in the middle. can you suggest a jacket that would be THE all around textile jacket for me? i was thinking maybe the marathon. waterproof and windproof and essential.


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