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Originally Posted by paulotex View Post
About working in Portugal: remember we have a big economical crisis here, with un-employment above 13%. If you don't have a job offer already, it might not be easy to get work here that pays well. So planning on money you'll make in Portugal to continue the trip might not be a good idea.

I'm glad you're both ok, and the bike is the only thing that got seriously damadged. When you feel like it, please tell what happened. I'd sure like to know.
Paula thought she'd be able to get a job, at least. We were thinking about working at a resort in the Algarve. I also thought about doing my old job through the internet since most of my work is done using a computer.

The accident was mostly my fault. I made a dumb-ass move of using the shoulder of the road to go around a guy. We I did, he suddenly pulled off the road, forcing us into a concrete sewage ditch and hitting a stone wall head on.

Originally Posted by Ford_Prefect View Post
Hey guys,

Bummer, don't let this get you down though. They say there are two kinds of riders, those who have been down and those who are going to go down.
Thanks, Brian. I'm not letting it get me down, and I am not done with this trip. Paula was a bit shaken, and really wants to go home, for at least a while.

I was thinking that, since we are already way behind schedule, we'll fly home to work for a while instead of taking a work break in Portugal. I have already spoken with my work, and I know I have my job to go back to. This will allow us to make the money we need and have the time to rebuild the bike if it is repairable. After 6-7 months of working, and, if the bike is fixed, we'll decide whether or not to continue the trip. If we do, we'll likely fly down to Colombia and continue from there in November or December. This will put us on schedule to get down to Tierra del Fuego before it gets too cold, which we definitely will not be able to do now.

We are currently arranging shipment of the bike and air tickets home. We haven't told our families yet, so they'll be quite surprised when we show up at their front doors.

Here are a few quick photos of the wreck:

Paula looking usually happy after flying off the back of the bike and dusting herself off

The damage

The scene of the accident

We barely missed this pole

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