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Stock KTM vs. TrailTech vs. BD Squadron

So a few more photos comparing the lights. These were taken at the end of a dirt road with nothing reflective to try to be more "real". A really big thanks to TOPI1967 for bringing his bike to the extra double secret head lamp test site to help with everything.

First a daytime photo... I forgot my camera so it is an iPhone pic:

The "No Dumping" sign is at the 100' mark, as is the big rock with the black dot. The little cairns are at 10' intervals.

The rest of the photos were taken with a Canon Powershot G12 set manually in an attempt to keep things "fair".

The evening of the test I decided to add yellow stakes at 25', 50' and 75'. No lights on this photo, just a long exposure. That is the moon rising.

15sec f/2.8 ISO 640:

Then, just for the hell of it... 2 x 55watt stock low beam, 2 x 65w stock high beam, 4 x 100w Hella 4000 Cornering, 2 x 100w Hella 4000 Euro Beam. I had to re-adjust the camera quite a bit

1sec f/7.1 ISO 400:

Ok, moving on...

First up TOPI1967's stock KTM 450 head light:

Ok, ok... I gave TOPI1967's light an extra second to help him out. Mostly because he came all the way to help me only to find that the main bulb had blown so all he had was the little marker light bulb.

5sec f/2.8 ISO 500

Both the TrailTech and the Baja Designs lights were held against the front bumper of my truck. We did our best to have them both aimed the same. Both were powered by my truck battery.

The TrailTech light has two bulbs with two different beam patterns. Both bulbs were given a few min to fully "warm up".

First up, TT 2" SCMR16 HID spot pattern: 4sec f/7.1 ISO 500

Next up, 4" SC4 HID flood pattern: 4sec f/7.1 ISO 500 (I am not sure why this photo ended up with a greenish hue. I took a few and they all came out this way. In reality the light for this bulb was pretty much the same color as the small bulb.)

And finally, the new Baja Designs Squadron:

4sec f/7.1 ISO 500

Full Disclosure: I have no affiliation with Baja Designs at all. In fact, I think the Squadron is my fist BD product. After my first photos the guys at BD asked that I would take more comparing the TrailTech and Baja Design lights. This light has me excited to ride at night and, well, I'll need others to ride with.

In fairness to the TT light, I think it was pointed a bit lower and a bit to the right in the 4" flood photo. Also... just to point this out again, the light color (to the eye) for the 4" flood was the same as the 2" spot. I am not sure why the camera processor picked up so much green in the photo.

The amount of light and the differences in the beam focus bewteen the lights is very accurate in the photos. The Squadron light is really very impressive.

On Tues evening I will take some more photos with a little more distance on a street to see how far down the road the TT and BD throw light.

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