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Thanks for all the imput and ideas, and not surprisingly I have thought of most of it and understand the complications that go along with each idea. I have used bikes from Ad-Mo in the past and it was a bit difficult and priced above what guys would be willing to pay, at least it was for my general riding class.

Manufacturers have no interest in this statesside.

There is no money from sponsors even for guys who you may consider top riders either.

I have a good way to partner the training with higher lever guys and average level guys, as well as "fun" or "fan" participants so it mixes for both needs. Just looking at dates and still poking around for bikes.

Unfortunatily the bikes used for this get beat beyond what a most would consider acceptable for a loaner program. You know, "not my bike" mentality. But I'd make sure there was a credit card attached to it for sure...

Dates and a schedule soon. I just have to get through this King of the Motos race I'm putting on...

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