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Originally Posted by Greenflyfarmer View Post

I know you are a busy guy but I hope you can advise me. I bought a Shorai battery for my KTM 990 last January from you. Unfortunately this battery is not turning my 990 over. I have tried to charge this battery and it will not charge. I would think that a year old battery of this nature would have been fine through a short period of inactivity. I have stock electrics and no additional drain. What is the typical Do they have a warrenty on this to help me?

I have enjoyed the good workmanship of the other items I have bought from you.


Hi Karl,

Sorry to hear your issue. These have been holding up well for us. Last season they did upgrade the batteries between production batches. One easy way to tell if you have an early version is the thickness of the termanals. The early ones were thinner.

Shorai has a warrenty claim form on there site that customers can submit. They deal w/ all warranty questions/claims directly. Send me an Email if you have any issues or questions, I'll do what I can to help out.

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