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Originally Posted by Deadly99 View Post
Watched Cyril and Marc come in to the finish where they got mobbed by journalists. It was quite amusing watching Cyril get interviews, I didn't understand what they were saying but it seemed obvious as he was getting progressively more oissed off as time went by

Spent the last couple of hours taking photos of riders as they came down the big hill, absolutely awesome

Jumped the fence and spent 20 minutes with a British lad right oin the track, Robby Gordon blew by us (about 30 feet away) on three wheels, one of the coolest things I've seen.

Our drive today was a spectacle of scenery. Sand dunes on one side and breaking waves along the other. Something I won't soon forget that's for sure.

Ned looks to be on pace and should be here within the next 20-30 minutes. Camp is all setup and we are eagerly awaiting his arrival.

Go!! Ned Go!!

Can't wait to see the pics.
Nate in N.E.

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