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Ferrari awaits FIA decision on legality of Lotus's braking system

Ferrari is awaiting an answer from the FIA on the legality of an adjustable ride-height braking system that Lotus is believed to be developing for 2012. A report in Gazzetta dello Sport on Tuesday revealed that Lotus was running a ride height control mechanism - reported to be activated by a driver using a pedal - to help maintain the car's distance from the ground under braking.
As well as helping with aerodynamic performance, due to the constant ride height, the device would also improve stability under braking - so would therefore have the added benefit of helping look after the tyres.
When asked by AUTOSPORT at Ferrari's Wrooom media event on Wednesday about whether the Italian team was considering copying the innovation, team principal Stefano Domenicali revealed the matter was awaiting clarification from the FIA.
"What you are talking about, is more related to having stability under braking," explained Domenicali. "It is a system that I know there have been some documents in writing between the FIA and the teams.
"We are waiting for the final confirmation if this kind of devices will be acceptable or not. But for sure we are looking around these sorts of devices to see if they contribute to a performance. But we need to wait and see what will be the reaction to the FIA on that."
Illustrations of the Lotus system show that the system uses hydraulic cylinders situated below the lower wishbones to adjust the ride height.
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