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Originally Posted by Flood View Post
Not to pollute this thread with F5-lore, but word is that Peterhansel had to apologize to the rider at the bivouac - and ADVinmate vbenedic had the same thing happening to him with worse results - he's out of the rally.
Thanks, I coul dnot make much sense of the F5irehose banter regarding the topic and it's not mentioned anywhere else. Pitty they slap him on the wrist with an apology and he gets off easy. I have done enough racing alongside cars to consider them incompatible with motorcycles on any given course, and seeing things like that just cement that feeling further in place. A person in a cage, no matter who it is, always seems to lose a little regard(or a lot...) for others around them and it can be seen at the highest levels of racing - just like this.

Rant off. Sorry.
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