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Pelican Cases

Found a neat and fairly inexpensive method for mounting Pelican 1520 hard saddlebags on my KTM 950.

1. I bought two Pelican #1520 cases from E-bay for something like $65 ea. Same size as on my KLR. Water/dust proof, lock with a padlock, form a shelf when opened, dent-proof, easily replaced and much cheaper than the aluminum boxes they sell for $600.

2. Then bought two of Touratech part #053-0020, Pannier mounting kit 18mm ($57 ea.)

3. Installed the mounting kits as shown in photo “Touratech Mounts on Pelican Case”. Notice at the 8 and 10 o’ clock positions where I had to grind away some of the ribs on the Pelican case to flush fit the rack tubing.

4. Photo “Pelican inside view” shows the two hand wheels that loosen the mounts from inside the case. Removal time (no tools needed) is about 30 seconds per case.

5. Photo “Side View of Mounted Pelican Case” shows the side profile and protection offered to the bike in case of a get-off. Position doesn’t interfere with passenger.

That's it! For less than $250 you get rugged, waterproof, easily replaced, removeable and lockable hard side bags for your KTM 950 that are much narrower than the Gobi bags.

Hope the photos or at least the links to them show up on this message. I'm new to photo posting.

Ride like your life depends on it!
Chuck Chiodini
Ride like your life depends on it!
Chuck Chiodini
Heber Springs, Arkansas
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