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Originally Posted by mike54 View Post

I don't do that kind of math any more so I've forgotten how, but can some one tell me with 26 letters for the first letter and 26 letters for the second letter and 50 different states how many combinations that would be and how many iterations it would take before a repeat was likely?
Originally Posted by johnjen View Post

wouldn't that be 26 x 26 x 50? = 33,800
or would it be 26 to the 26th power x 50 or 3.078 x 10 *38
If we each had 26 names, and their respective initials that could repeat, then yes. Dang that's a big number.

Your first answer is right. The possible combinations of 2 repeating letters and 50 states is like you said 26^2 x 50.

As far as likely to repeat goes, the likelihood of a repeat of any subsequent initials and state depends on the quantity that has gone before. You know, in the extreme form, say all 33,800 combinations initials and states had played out without a repeat. The next combination would be a repeat since all combinations had come before.


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