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Originally Posted by opposedcyljunkie View Post

I am under the impression that the BP and the ICE Air set at -20 would provide exactly the same performance. IIRC, you guys mentioned that before somewhere in this long thread. I just got a bit excited to try out something at another temp setting
Heh heh. Yea I get that.

Regarding my comment about trying out the -20C setting on the IICE Air; The reason is that more than a few people have said that their new IICE Air works better than their old Booster Plug. Based on that I say give it a try. Spirit of adventure and all that.

I mean, if the temperature-related components inside the two devices are the same, then the performance should be the same. Now, I don't know if the components are the same. My earlier statements were based on an assumption that anyone making a product like the IICE Air would select the same components. You know, based on engineering principles. That, and the BP website has those temperature charts and such. I figured he didn't fabricate those charts.


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