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Originally Posted by Wallowa View Post
First I believe the air density triggers more or less fuel [cold vs hot air] and your point is a good one...I know it is counter to what I hope for but hot, less dense air would require less fuel and fuel helps reduce cylinder temps; hence I want more fuel in hot weather not less to lower engine temps...but of course I could be totally wrong!

You mention -10 in 40 C temps..that is 104 F, damn warm. Exactly what the IICE does to fuel/air ratio at that -10 setting and at that air temp is a mystery to me...even though JJ once explained it to me I have gone blank...common malady! I am hoping it puts more fuel in than would otherwise be added at that temp.

As you point out there seems to be a disparity between -10 [hot] vs -30 [cold] and intuitively it should be reversed; lower temp reading in really hot weather [-30] to get more fuel to cool engine, even if cooling is not the primary objective.

Still do not have a clue how you would use the BP and IICE together. Or what the outcome would be.
Instead of thinking about it from a temperature vs. air density perspective, think about it from a temperature vs. fuel evaporation perspective instead.

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