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Originally Posted by ARZ View Post
Awesome call-in, but I cant in my wildest dreams imagine how gnarly the terrain is, if he says its some of the gnarliest terrain he has ever ridden.

The first time I met Ned, I hadn't been in camp 30 minutes and we were suiting up as fast as we could to for a ride. I don't think I have that actual ride video posted, but I do have the exact same route posted from that same weekend in the inverse direction. Watch this video and realize that the guy in front of me with the trials tire is 6"6' tall, or something like that he makes a full size KTM look like a little 65 under his super tall body. Also realize we are going downstream in this video and Ned and Tim dragged us UP this same dry river bed, and if we couldn't make his pace we weren't lucky enough to see the "EASY" line. He and Hillsamer put the hurtin on us that afternoon, and I was the first of us new guys to catch up to Hillsamer and Ned. Ned had a funny look, craning his neck to see into my helmet the closer I got, like I had a something wrong with me. I got closer and pulled off my goggles and asked "Whats up?" He said "I'm trying to see if you have a smile on your face?!?!... If your enjoying this stuff?" with a big smile and an affirmative response he and Tim and I broke into laughter. With that, I think he hollered and endearing "OK, Ill ride with you!!!"

It was "trial by fire" (almost literally TRIALS) but a very warm welcome after only knowing him less than 30 minutes.

I know video never does "being there" any justice but the drop at 1:42 is well over 2 feet. Remember Ned and Tim were dragging us (Zach and Paul and I) UP that trail. LOL
Zach is leading us, and that's Paul in the Blue next to me at one point. Sorry there's no audio track on this one, my camera does that sometimes.

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