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Originally Posted by Visian View Post

Simple question, probably already been asked, so sorry in advance.

Do you have to have the first product [IICE Air] in order to be able to use subsequent products? [IICE Cool]
Hey there, Visian. Like others have said, the simple answer is yes. But things aren't always simple. Let me explain.

The two products, IICE Air and IICE Cool, do in fact work together. They were designed that way. But you know, now that I've said 'work together', let me change that to 'they compliment each other'. Now let me explain that as well.

When both are connected to the bike, the IICE Air and IICE Cool function independently. That is to say, each one produces a separate and distinct result. And do so at different parts of the motor 'operational envelope'. But, and here's the relevant point: Though separate, the results are complimentary.

Do you get that? The results are not the same, but they blend together to make a seamless whole. One takes over where the other leaves off say. I'm trying to think of an everyday example. Oh, here's one that might fit, a Boilermaker. A shot of whiskey is good, and so is a beer. They're both good, and one is a distinct bump to the other. That's gonna have to do for now as a close enough example.

Now to the other slice of your question; Can you use either of the two devices by themselves? We've all seen that the IICE Air works great by itself. Does the IICE Cool work as well when installed as a stand-alone upgrade?

You know, I want to say 'no' here. But 'no' sounds like the IICE Cool doesn't work well by itself, and it most assuredly does work well by itself. It does perhaps twice as much as the IICE Air. But when the IICE Cool is installed by itself, the result isn't seamless. The parts in the motor's operational range that the IICE Air fills in become noticeably missing if the IICE Cool is installed on the bike separately.

So how can I put this? The IICE Air works better by itself than than the IICE Cool does. Does that make sense? Part A works better by itself than Part B does. It will not do any harm to operate the IICE Cool by itself, but I'd wager that you'd much prefer to have the IICE Air operating with it. You'd miss not having the beer, more than you'd miss the whiskey.


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