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Originally Posted by opposedcyljunkie View Post

Quick question which I have not seen the answer to (or maybe I missed it):

Why does the IICE Cool only work with the IICE Air at its -10 setting? Why won't it work on the -20 or -30 settings?
Oooh, more mileage out of the above metaphor. Because you wouldn't want to make a boilermaker with a Double Chocolate Stout, you know? It works better with a light pilsner or other pale lager.

All kidding aside. Technically, the -20 and -30 settings on the IICE Air would be too much if used with the IICE Cool. The result is way overfueled. That's why the IICE Air was designed with the -10 setting, to work with the IICE Cool. And get the best possible Transient Throttle control and drivability.

The same holds true if the IICE Cool is used in combination with the other competitive products. If they are used with the IICE Cool the motor will be running far too rich, and will be down on power.


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