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Ok 1st off stop with the drink metaphores,Im gettin thirsty and still in the am here in MO.
And now for my simple minded review of this here product.
Stats= 02 R1150RT with 20000 miles,everythings stock,10mnths since last TBS,same for valves,autolite plugs,new air filter.
Seat of the pants feel of bike before gizmo= surge appears at 3800rpms,motor does not like to pull at low rpms (ex.4th gear @ 40mph), ok torque from motor, but I feel there should be more torque from an 1150cc engine.

With gizmo=
I now have usable power-torque at lower rpms (4th gear @ 40mph feels much better,no need to downshift on inclines.
Surging has been reduced,but is not gone.
Never had poping thru exhaust and still do not.
Now love to twist thottle coming out of corners

The RT never thrilled me with its power,but its comfort and cornering sold me on a bike that is heavier than two of my last bikes combined.With this product installed I now grin coming out of tight corners.
Thanks for the grins guys.
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