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Originally Posted by Baja Designs View Post
Hey MJS that is an interesting test, but unfortunately that test cannot accurately examine the true Lumen output. I know you even said that you weren't sure about the correctness of a few things, but to reveal test results with many forms of guesstimate's and preliminary forms of information isn't really fair to us and everyone else. We have thoroughly tested and had professional outside sources test our lights as well. To truly get an accurate factual output of Lumens you would need a Goniophotometer. (An Optic test, designed to measure the intensity of light reflected from a surface at various angles) Please don't take this the wrong way I am not trying to be rude or take away from your hard work, but to accurately test these lights this is what you need.

You can just get one of these lights and turn it on. The hairs on the back of your neck will raise up, the corners of your mouth will curl up, your eyes will twinkle, you will make excuses to bring your bike to work, excuses to cancel dinner plans, excuses to get home late...
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