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Right around here somewhere there are supposed to be some caves... Its starting to rain, so I don't really feel like
bush wacking right now!

Looks like i went on a bit of a tengent, I passed the turnoff 15km ago! its a noce spot though, I'd like to see it again on a nice day.

Now, THIS looks more like a mountain road! What am I getting myself into? Well, Here we go

Okay, fine so far, Now here's the first steep section.

Aaaand, nope! 50 feet to clear dirt, I lost it! It's really starting to rain on this snow now, making things nice and slick! There is a 9 foot deep slope to the right, which I try hard not to slide backwards into trying to turn around!

Damn! Almost did the turnaround without dumping! I just couldn't get on without the bike sliding out from under me!

Well, I admit defeat on this one, I'll have to try in a month or two, if the snow clears. This is only the foot of the mountain, so it might be a while before there is any airplane to see.

I am starting to get pretty wet by this point, but I'm nice and warm at least! Avoiding cotton clothing in the wet is key.( the old adage "cotton kills") Wool or synthetics are the way to go for sure.

Saw an eagle on the way out

And dried out at my buddy randy's house in Lake Cowichan! I was real happy he had a fire going which helped me drip dry.

Meet Arlo. nice warm, dry, friendly kitty.

I stopped off to visit my grandma quickly on the way out, and headed back to Vic in the Rain, and the dark..... Well, I'm getting pretty used to the wet finally, now that I figured out my layers.

If I get a sunny day, I'm gonna try that mountain again!

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