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Originally Posted by StevefrmGV View Post
Hello All
I have the opportunity to purchase a 1968 441asking price around $1K . I would like to get an idea of a price range for these old bikes in running condition. Its kind of rough looking but looks like it is all there. The motor turns over but is loose in the frame. Dont know when it last ran. What do these sell for in reasonable condition? I have never owned a britt bike but have rebuilt a couple of old beemers so feel I could take on a rebuild of one of these.
Thanks for any input.
What're you waiting for

If that was over here (UK) it'd be sold many times over for that price - If you fancy one - BUY IT

They are only ever gonna get more rare and one day soon, prices your side of the pond will catch up with the rest of the world and go up, up, up!!!!!
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