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StevefrmGV sez:

"I have the opportunity to purchase a 1968 441asking price around $1K ."

A reasonably complete 68 Victor that turns over for $1k is not a bad buy at all. Things that are hard to find and pricey - fenders and good tanks. Thought a dented original aluminum tank can be salvaged. One other question, are you looking at a Victor Special (enduor style) or a 68 Shooting Star (street bike). Mechanical/electrical bits are virtually identical, but wheels (front) and body work is different. The VS version is usually more desirable in terms of resale.

Engines are relatively simple and fairly tough if put together right. Regardless of version (VS or SS), the late unit single frame is a sweet handling motorcycle. Electrics for all the horror stories can be made quite reliable and have a significant amount of upgrades available. Built right, the unit single is a nice back road bike and a lot of fun to ride. Don't even make a bad touring bike...see the pics from the IoM postings....spent 10 days using a 441 to tour in England, IoM, and Wales
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