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Originally Posted by StevefrmGV View Post
Hello All
I have the opportunity to purchase a 1968 441asking price around $1K . I would like to get an idea of a price range for these old bikes in running condition. Its kind of rough looking but looks like it is all there. The motor turns over but is loose in the frame. Dont know when it last ran. What do these sell for in reasonable condition? I have never owned a britt bike but have rebuilt a couple of old beemers so feel I could take on a rebuild of one of these.
Thanks for any input.
there is some good advice on this. it really does depend on how much you want to get into and the actual condition of the bike you are looking at.

like someone said, you could probably buy a good running 441 for about 3K, but if you like to tinker, and you have the funds available, then maybe you should go for it. with the exception of a few parts, that may be more in demand or hard to find, i think you'll find that most bits can be easily obtained- in both the used or new (after) markets. whatever you do, don't look at it as a financial investment, rather, approach it as an emotional investment. once you have it, there's no saying you have to rush thru the project, (as far as i know) so in theory you could take your time and nickel-dime it without breaking the bank. in the foreseeable future, this bike isn't going to skyrocket in value. however, there is much satisfaction and fun to be had in getting an old bike running, and then riding the wheels off of it....

and you may never see another one in ANY condition for a thousand bucks.

let us know what you decide on it, and show us some pix, maybe even post pix and a story about the project as you go? this is exactly what i hope this thread can become- the place for just this sort of endeavor and advice.

cheers, Steve!
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