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Just another twist on this discussion. I have switched my OEM blinkers to Highway Dirt Bike LED's and interestingly if you change all four then the blinking rate is normal, but if you leave two of the OEM incandescent lights, the rate is very high. The problem comes in that even though the rate is OK with the 4 LED's, the computer still displays an error code. Unlike on most bikes, on the F800GS the flasher relay is integral to the computer and therefore you cannot simply add an aftermarket flasher relay (as mentioned above) as there is no place to put it. In addition to this I tried to use Wunderlich "Flash Killers". This is a series resistor that is supposed to be wired into a pair of blinkers to increase the resistance and fool the system into thinking that its still running incandescent bulbs. Good idea, unfortunately I couldn't get them to work and by wiring in either one or two of these, the blink rate still increases and you still get the error code. I am currently planning on just running the LED's and living with the error code but it is a bit frustrating and I'm still looking for a solution.
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