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Originally Posted by dendrophobe View Post
Out of curiosity, why the Nuvi/Montana combo? Did you just not buy City Nav for the Montana?

I have been using the Garmin Nuvi 500 for years and was doing a side by side to see how they compared. The Nuvi is still the better street GPS and if all I want is a track to find my way out of the woods I still really like it.

I bought the Garmin Montana 600 specifically for building tracks I could share with others and routes for the training school I work for ( The Montana does that great but is only marginal as a street GPS IMO. It really boils down to what you want to do with your GPS.

I really do like the Montana but prefer the USB powersource of the Nuvi. With the Montana requiring a dedicated dock I cannot move it bike to bike like I could the Nuvi.

The other issue I have with the Montana is it is over 4x the cost of the Nuvi 500 once you load maps into it and because of the Garmin specific power dock there are no options I know of the lock it onto the bike. With the Nuvi I didn't care cuz it was so cheap but I really don't want to the Montana snatched
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