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Found it. And it is from Ted(Deadly99) from the Tales from the Bivoac thred

Feels right weird in the bivouac without the bikes....good thing we have the Robby Gordon show next door to keep us company. That dude is a work aholic, he has a staff of 20 or so and they are all standing around watching him wrench on his vechicle. Saw hime ask a mechanic to tighten something, the dude just stares at him so) grabs the wrench and puts it on the bolt then grabs the dudes hand and puts it on the wrench. Tells a photogrpaher to take a picture and the "mechanic" does a cheeseball pose. Seriously that RB guy is insane. The other day he had zero sleep as he was dealing with aso officials about some bogus ruling thenhe turned wrenches until it was time for him to leave. Crazy.
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