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Originally Posted by Smithy View Post
Of course, the ultimate solution is to get a Rally Radio 4x4 van set up for 2 weeks of expedition, w/a motorcycle on the back hitch to roam and grab video coverage from multiple angles, edit in the biv, get interviews, and beam it all up via satellite link on a daily basis.
Agree wholeheartedly! Athough, the ASO media folks might have a thing or ten to say about such antics...

Perhaps Jonah could come out of retirement for something like this, eh? Otherwise, it's looking for me personally like for the next two Dakars, I could be able to commit to one of the duties of this crew if even half of my expenses were covered. And I know how to live out of a Jetboil and sleepingbag(although, the roving cameraman/interviewer appeals).

Another thought would be some sort of live feed, from a camera simply mounted pointing at the RiffRaff camp somehow. Simple to set up, addicting to watch, and as long as sponsor's stickers were visible, paid for easily.
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