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Thanks to all those that contributed. It was great to be able to stay informed.

Here are some suggestions;
- the official Dakar 2012 Media Thread - Pics and Videos Only thread had a few people commenting and discussing. Deleting non info posts would be nice to keep it on topic

- i was very suprised by the agressive anti French or ASO (or anti whatever) of some posters. For me It detracted a bit from the good info being posted, but that is what you get in open forums... no suggestions on how to deal with it.

- Agree with Country Doc that a topic somewhere between a "cliff notes" thread and the main F5 thread would be usefull to reduce the volume between usefull posts. A wild suggestion would be a elitist thread open only to those who are known to have a clue or are on site in the thick of the action. How you work out who to include would be difficult. Its a suggestion to provoke some discussion.

Thanks again to those that took the time to post info during the event
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