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i think this year that things went beautifully. we had a great staff of people, and awesome discussion, and even a few events to wildly speculate about... which is part of what the F5 crew does.

next year, i think that... having someone in Deadly99's position (even sponsored by the F5 crew @ adv; his trip was self sponsored), but have the person who goes be more of the reporter-type, with the means (sat phone / internet) to do so. i'm not sure if it's kosher (with ASO) but have them doing person-to-person interviews / chats with competitors, encode & upload to RallyRAIDio. allow competitors to use said person as a "post this info for me" and get it out to the proper channels. we could set up automated stuff for them to post to the F5irehose without having to load it into a browser (ie: email-to-post or something similar).

i'd like to see a way to get the eurosport broadcasts (live & highlights), either by encoding / re-publishing, or possibly a deal with eurosport or something... ie: we already have a "relationship" with carlton, let's see if we can take that relationship a step further... and get legit broadcasts from eurosport (or time-delayed and we can host them ourselves) (i know... pipe dream, but we can dream). if i could have my way, i'd love to be able to get an authorization to archive & re-broadcast of both eurosport broadcasts daily, and host them on SmugMug... but i don't think that'd be possible without rights / permission, and my gut tells me that IF it's possible, it's going to be expensive.

it's not just about the US, it's about the ADV community, and outside of europe, the coverage for dakar is crap. we don't want the toned down coverage, the "i'm going to read off a script with nothing unique to say" coverage (which we got from ABCSports), we want the whole shebang.

i think Mischa's site(s) were invaluable... it'd be nice to get carbon-copies of said code on multiple servers for failover, and load balancing. (ie:,,

i think that the technical know-how is here within the F5 crew... we just need to leverage it.
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