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I love some ideas here, thanks all!

We were a bit late organizing the coverage this year, so there's still a lot of room for improvement. With 2,3 more people helping out with the cliff notes thread, we can try to tell a story there. This year, I had only time to click through 30 pages of the big thread, and copy/paste stuff that looked like good intel - I couldn't even read a lot of it. I'd love to hear from people who only read the cliff notes thread: did it make any sense?
With a bit more manpower, we could post daily briefings and standings and index them in the first post.

Originally Posted by kaia View Post
next year, i think that... having someone in Deadly99's position (even sponsored by the F5 crew @ adv; his trip was self sponsored), but have the person who goes be more of the reporter-type, with the means (sat phone / internet) to do so. i'm not sure if it's kosher (with ASO) but have them doing person-to-person interviews / chats with competitors, encode & upload to RallyRAIDio.
That would be a dream. There are a lot of dunes to cross in order to get there, though. Fielding an official press car costs 18,000 including 4 journos. And you need a 4x4 with rollcage and everything.
Of course one could try to share the car with 2,3 other outlets.

Doing it like Ted would be another way, just tagging along with a team. Taking a free seat in a team car isn't much cheaper, of course. But it doesn't get you into the press tent. If you carry a press accreditation, you are not allowed to help a competitor in any way, not even wash his bike. Maybe a "new media" outlet could get extra rulings from the ASO though.

Originally Posted by kaia View Post
i'd like to see a way to get the eurosport broadcasts (live & highlights), either by encoding / re-publishing, or possibly a deal with eurosport or something... ie: we already have a "relationship" with carlton, let's see if we can take that relationship a step further... and get legit broadcasts from eurosport (or time-delayed and we can host them ourselves) (i know... pipe dream, but we can dream). if i could have my way, i'd love to be able to get an authorization to archive & re-broadcast of both eurosport broadcasts daily, and host them on SmugMug... but i don't think that'd be possible without rights / permission, and my gut tells me that IF it's possible, it's going to be expensive.
Getting legit ES coverage on the web is a pipe dream, I'm afraid, for licensing reasons. ES have a web player themselves, limited to paying customers, IP blocked to Europe. NBC pays licensing fees to broadcast in the US, this would be useless if we were allowed to stream the stuff ourselves. Of course the pictures are all the same and get released by the ASO on Youtube. If we are unhappy with NBC's or ES's voice over, someone could take those and do an ADV/F5 voice over with the info we have collected during the day.

Originally Posted by kaia View Post
i think Mischa's site(s) were invaluable... it'd be nice to get carbon-copies of said code on multiple servers for failover, and load balancing. (ie:,
Good idea

Originally Posted by CBVRacing View Post
Create your own F5 Community Website with the ADV forum capabilities at its core and side menus for inmates interviews, embedded video coverage etc to cover the people that are doing it tough but whose stories are much more powerful than watching the same two motorbikes and the same 3 cars over two weeks (e.g. that rider and motorbike photo who is totally under water is a story that needs to be told).

Live stories from people on the ground to report on those inmates.

Perhaps there is enough interest for some advertisers to pay for the space and along with some donations pay for the entry fees / transport of TSC or Doyle or yourself to be on the ground. I was going to say BlueBull as well but my little finger tells me he will be racing

If you find a way to transmit live, i am happy to feed videos from within the cockpit of my single seater buggy in 2013 if a deal can be sorted with ASO so you can watch it as it happens, this with BlueBull google genius capabilities is as close as one can get!
Love it!

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