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Lurker alert......

As a first time follower of the Firehose and the coverage on ADV....I have no constructive or for that matter intelligent suggestions for improvement.

I would like to say THANK YOU to all who provided the information. It was a blast. Sadly for most of the second week I had limited time so I never caught up again on the Firehose, even scrolling past the glue manufacturing there was no way to keep up. That in turn made the Cliff Notes a lifeline. I plan to continue reading the main thread through till the end because after the fact is worth it...that thread is awesome.

OK so I also got caught up in the Nedro frenzy and support and used most of the limited time I had to follow Ned, Ted and Tim's excellent adventure......

Sorry for the spam but I wanted to be sure and get a thanks in here somewhere for you folks to read.

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