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Citizen sport reporting ...

Originally Posted by ian408 View Post
The calls and Ted's updates from the bivouac were icing on a cake.
Originally Posted by Robear View Post
I also really enjoyed Teds updates from the bivouac. I was captivated by what goes on there that most of the world doesn't get to know. Some of Teds observations of Gordon and how his crew interacted with him were priceless. I figure there are lots more juicy bits that Ted is holding back for the book. So anyway we could get another seat on the truck for more of this inside info next year would be awesome. Maybe Ted would be willing to go back?
Originally Posted by Country Doc View Post
I thought the ADV (and Rally Raidio coverage in particular) was great.

Re: RallyRaidio - that was absolutely my favourite for SURE. It would be great to have other privateers call in. Simon Pavey, for example, would be a good call in if he were running. The more Rally Raidio, the better!


We're probably all in agreement that the RallyRadio phone in calls were a huge part of each of our great ADV Dakar F5 experience. Having more people calling in, being their own interviewer and interviewee, would be awesome.

There's one more step, or should I say another additional option, Ustream. Ustream is a smart phone application that's either Free (there's a Professional versiontoo). The Free version downloads to someones smart phone, allowing the individual to send a live stream video up to their account on There may be a way to have a central ADV Ustream account that everyone could upload to.

Anyone can watch the video while it's live, at the end, the Ustream-er can hit Save/Archive. The video becomes available to watch at anytime, like a YouTube video. There is no limit to how long the video can be, like YouTube videos do. Actually, I believe at six hours of straight videoing it's suggested to stop, save, and restart.

We can also do a search on Ustream "Dakar" for other peoples live and archived videos.

Oh, and this is good too, the Ustream-er can do the video in the dunes, not live upstreaming, save it on their smart phone, then upload it later when they might have better cell coverage, such as in the bivouac.

My suggestion is in addition to having someone from ADV who's our dedicated reporter in the field, enlist everyone we can think of to Ustream. Each team has sponsorship of some sort. It would make sense that they would like to show their sponsors what's going on with their team. Ustreaming is so easy and costs nothing for special cameras or audio equipment.

The options are unlimited as to who can be Ustreaming. The Ted type of guy could be videoing while hanging out in the bivouac waiting for the riders, or live updating the KTM team swapping a motor. The rider could do their own daily interview, or if they're stranded on course for the night they could live stream the antics of other cars and trucks stuck with them. Spectators can live stream their own Mud-Gate or River-Gate as it happens.

The thing is, no matter what someone live streams, it can be saved in perpetuity for use in the future to show their friends, potential sponsors, or maybe it'll go viral.

I suggest you download the Free app, set up a Free account, and try it yourselves. It's not the same process as going a Go-Pro, videoing, downloading to the computer, then uploading to YouTube. Instead it's basically one step, click video on live, click save at the end.

Does this sound like an idea that might work?


Here's an example, and the link to Ustream.

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