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Agree with CBV, a dedicated website merging Mischa's tables, ADV F5 Thread, links to media coverage, competitors info, previous editions statistics, regulations, tweet feeds, you now, all the windows that we have to open every day, and plus. That would be great. Ask an expert section, get previous competitors to answer questions. download kml to fly the stage (bluebull). Predicetd times to next WP and to ASS, though this is more Mischas's department. The same with graphical representation of riders on stages.

Regarding the F5 thread:
If possible, would implement stricter anti-chauvinism policy on the F5 thread. Sometimes it engages in "GO USA" and "france never won a war" mode and it becomes boring and hard to read.

Rallyradio is great, wonder if the F5 core (Doyle, Flood, PackMule and TroySafariCarpente) could just setup a conference call everyday and broadcast that as a radio show.

Hell, if you could get a decent text-to-speach thing that would read every entry on the Firehose, I could listen to it and acctually try to work instead of the F5-scroll down-F5-scroll down-F5-next page-scrolldown-F5 thing.

Aaaand...If we canīt make it bettter, it's OK as it is .
Carlos M.
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