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Originally Posted by geode View Post
I think it would be courteous if PM or Flood would remind Baldy the Dakar was coming up so he wasn't caught off guard when his servers get slammed by the F5 crew.
Check me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like he'll remember next year

Other than pruning the media thread a little more, I wouldn't change a thing. Sometimes "better" is the enemy of "great".

The magic of following the firehose thread is that it just happens. I'm afraid that if you try to put an artificial framework around that, you lose what makes it great (someone called it "organic"- I think that's a great adjective for it). One of the problems with rules is that once you start making them, it's easy to make too many, and eventually you end up making some bad ones.

Yes, as it is you get noise, and french-bashing, and off-topic silliness, but that's probably less than a percent of the total. I think that's just the price you pay for 1,000 daily posts that, in the aggregate, are absolute genius.
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