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I think it went great this year. As usual, the RallyRAIDio call ins were excellent. Although for some unknown reason, I never use it, Mischa's work on is absolutely priceless. To a certain extent, I think the yearly thread has reached terminal velocity although one think I noticed this year was a lot more valuable contributions by a lot more people and I send out a big thanks for everyone that decided to dive in head first.

My how we've grown

Year - Posts - Views
2012 - 14,173 - 725,667
2011 - 12,452 - 758,577
2010 - 7,138 - 499,864
2009 - 3,362 - 285,430
2008 - 714 - 68,821
2007 - 1,327 - 74,175
2006 - 420 - 30,113

It's great to see more people jump in as it tends to spread the load a bit. The anti-Cyril, anti-Peterhansel repeats got a little old, but it also shows a passion for what's going on and I can appreciate that. Flood, I'm certainly willing to help out with the Cliff's Notes next year!

I am completely convinced that this thread (and the forum) is the single most comprehensive, English language source for Dakar news and information. That being said, I am not so sure an embedded reporter would be as valuable as it may seem. Scotty Breauxman (sp?) expressed a lot of frustration at the expense for just the credentials ($6K), then the costs to use ASO bandwidth, and then the controls they place over the content. Embedded team mates like Deadly99 add invaluable updates but I am not sure how practical it is for someone form one team to roam around interviewing others.

Live, English language (Maray) type coverage would be fun and exhausting for the participants that are working (or pretending to) at the same time.

All in all, it was a great year.
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