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So the title pretty much sums up the weekend, including this morning's effort to post on ADV. I had written a long and detailed story regarding the weekend's failed efforts to make the Scrambler run, but when finished the post, including pictures, just disappeared. Sheesh. So here is an abbreviated version;

Saturday installed complete fuel system from race bike, reasoning it had ran only a month ago, it was the "sure thing" to get the Scrambler started;

Despite very careful efforts at setting valves and ignition, the best I could get on Saturday was a large backfire out of the carbs. Tried reversing the points advance cam, but that only changed the point at which the backfire occurred.

Sunday morning, cold and snowy, heading out to shop;

It was bit chilly inside as well;

Built a fire and started the heater buddy, then went to work. I will save you all the gory details until later, suffice it to say I started at square one, taking the top end apart as far as possible while still in the frame;

...and checking the cam installation against the Clymer manual and also comparing with the sage advice of Paul's Honda Master Mechanic Gary. It seems to be installed correctly;

Cam pin is up and sprocket correctly aligned. Problem must somehow be in the advance unit. I tried several different ways of timing and advancing and double checking that the bike was on the TDC of the FIRING stroke, but the only progress really made is it no longer backfires, still wont start. During times of contemplation I did adjust the rear chain & rear brakes, installed the muffler, hooked up the clutch and jury rigged the electric starter. All good things.

Since I have today off, am headed out shortly to have another go at it, wish me luck!
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