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LC'S Update

My first update to the new OSR thread;

While Paul & Lonnie were thrashing on the race bike, I was home working on Paul's CL350 Scrambler, a bike we are making into a runner to sell for MK1 funds. The bike has not ran for a long time, you can read about it and other stuff semi related to the OSR race team efforts here;

In addition to working on the Scrambler, I spent part of the weekend putting a parts list together to send to a prospective parts sponsor and also attempting to organize, on paper, some of the large amounts of information and to-do lists that will be part of the OSR 2012 MK1 process. I've also begun working out daily, as Paul has pointed out to me that sheer will power will not be enought to get me thru my stints at the handlebars and I do take what he says about conditioning, preparation and readiness seriously.

On the OSR bike prep side of things, my plan is to head down next Sunday and rebuild the stock Keihin carbs and then to assist Paul and the team in whatever way neccessary to get her running and ready for the upcoming bike show.
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