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Originally Posted by Jadon View Post
A few years back there was a scheme afoot to fund one of the inmates to do the Dakar. How about rather funding a newsman? We all score then, instead of just the guy that gets to do the race, and we can also be certain that we get our money's worth for the full number of stages.......

I am working up a plan to do just this next year. I'm a journalist with 20 years experience as a reporter, photographer and editor. I love the Dakar but I'll never ride it. But I could cover it. I'll be contacting the ASO to work on logistics in the next few weeks. It's my understand that they charge a lot of money for a press pass, so that could be a deal killer if it's ridiculously expensive.

As for this year's coverage, I think F5 had it all going on. I got blasted off the fire hose early on, but the Cliff's Notes version was invaluable, as was the media thread. Rally Radio was incredible. I'd like to see way more coverage of privateers, the "dreamer" types if you will, which is what I'd do if I get over there. Coma and Depres are interesting, but they are also aliens. The magic and beauty of Dakar is that guys like Ned can still do it if they have the will, and the stones.
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