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Sorry I couldn't help as much as I would have liked with the Cliff Notes thread, Flood and Packmule; I was often in the mode of "print a shirt, hit F5, print a shirt, hit F5..." It was a miracle I followed as closely as I did.

BY FAR the best year for F5 coverage yet. The sneaky "chatytv" and "justin Tv" links were awesome; thanks for finding those MyWay and everyone else. The Youtube vids of the days coverage were awesome. Maybe a sequence of random numbers as a title, and a link here, would keep them up longer. Of course that would be wrong.

But my favorite, as usual, is the Rally Raidio call in's. I think, if we could get a few more members that are in the race or in the Bivouac to call in, that would make it even better. Maybe a commitment from the F5 crew to fund Sat phones for the guys willing to call in regularly.

Thanks for dedicating so much time to this, Nate and Flood, and Kaia. It was a great year.

PS: and as always, I will ride a bike in the Dakar and make daily call ins in exchange for full ride sponsorship. Your welcome. I'll start training tomorrow.
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