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It was so great to meet such awesome guys as Renner and Mike V. this weekend. I bow before their knowledge and generosity!

Mike has virtually the same bike as I do (a 1978 100/7 even the same color!) so the moment he saw mine he could see all the little things that were wrong (missing bolts, PO changes, etc), and he knows all the tricks and problems! Then Renner showed up and was kind enough to take my bike for a spin and give me an opinion on it's performance.

Between the 2 of them they gave me oodles of fantastic advice and tons to think about! I can't thank them enough for meeting with me and helping me get started (AND! offering further help!). I was blown away.

Key take away notes: (there was more of course, but I'm focusing on these 2 for the time being)
Mike is worried about my transmission - I'm going to try to change the fluid and check the magnetic bolt this week and report back
Renner is worried about my steering bearings (and boy, after comparing Mike's 100 to my 80, my steering bearings are CRAP) - so I'm going to try to get some parts and get ready for a complete fork/neck tear down...

good times:)
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