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Originally Posted by doyle View Post

My how we've grown

Year - Posts - Views
2012 - 14,173 - 725,667
2011 - 12,452 - 758,577
2010 - 7,138 - 499,864
2009 - 3,362 - 285,430
2008 - 714 - 68,821
2007 - 1,327 - 74,175
2006 - 420 - 30,113
I don't think that these numbers are the Paul Harvey, just one part of the whole. If you account for all the other dakar threads, sticky and non-sticky, then I think you can just look at the above table and double the numbers for this year. Yes, double. Look around at the views on the cliff notes. The media thread. Then dive into Ned and Bill's threads. And so on.

We've gotten a LOT bigger than it appears in the numbers, too. Eurosport is using us as a reference. So are the the actual race teams, and not just those that we have ties to. To me, this implies an onus of responsibility on our part to make it not necessarily better per se, but to focus on reliability and accuracy. Yeah, we're just a bunch of gearheads that go gaga for this stuff, but it's become more than just a fan thing.

It wasn't intentional, but we became relevant.

Just something to keep in mind, I think.
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