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Originally Posted by Drif10 View Post
Just as soon as you can define that line in the sand, let us know. Is it like the porn definition: I know it when I see it? Your definition will differ from mine, this is human. Whose opinion is 'righter'? It's a tough one, when you choose to censor.

I don't see where there was a problem worthy of much discussion, or more so, to warrant another set of rules. Too much of that goes on already, imo. We all have different ideas about things, to make them conform to someone's definition ain't exactly what this place was about. But perhaps, it is keeping with the current norms as demonstrated in Adv now.

The content is here, and continues to amaze and improve. Let's focus on that, and not on censoring our neighbors thoughts and words.

Nate threw down a warning at one point, and maybe a dozen posts got pruned. It was enough, and reserved for the most egregious. I guess I'm just taking a long time to say, "it was about right, don't be afraid to prune if it comes down to it."

Glad I'm not in charge of this herd of cats.
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