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Wheel Bearing Seals

Somewhere back in the DR650 thread, another inmate said it's easy to double seal our stock single seal wheel bearings. And since the stock bearings have a very good reputation, unlike some of the aftermarket replacements, I filed the info in my head until I decided to change mine at 20,700 ish. I re-used the old seals, added a little extra grease to the new bearings and ended up with high quality dual seal OEM bearings. For the record: I know there are high quality, low cost, dual seal, aftermarket replacements...........somewhere. I just ordered from RonAyers and never left the house.

Here are the pics.

There's a ledge under the seal, work the pick past it. BergDonk comes in from the outside edge with a small screwdriver, it also has a lip.
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The advantage of working the outside of the seal is that it's a larger radius and less likely to kink. Likewise, using a small flat blade increases the surface area of the plucking tool and creates less pressure and therefore less likely to damage the seal.
Whatever works

Gently twist and pull and out pops the seal.

Here you can see both bearing lips that you're working the pick past. Pretty clean inside, remember, this bearing has over 20,000 miles.


But the previous inmate had said, 'they might kink and are easy to straighten'. He's right. I used a flat punch small enough to sit flat on the metal surface. I did NOT use a hammer, I just leaned on it and worked it around until I ended up with this. Even with macro photography, I can't find the ding.

I filled the new bearings with grease before installing them, and used a little too much. Aerocycle's photo in post #85 below shows how it should be done; run your finger around the bearing, like caulking the bathtub.

This is what I found during the next tire change. No damage, just a little expansion past the seal.

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