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A little tech interlude:

So we wanted more suspension travel in the back. No problem, right? Just buy longer shocks and bolt them on.

Except, we want a longer swingarm too. For several reasons. There isn't much room to make the current shocks longer travel. Lengthening the swingarm gives more room to fit all the shock parts between the eyes. A longer swingarm also makes the bike more stable by making the swingarm longer. Finally, the front wheel is further forward due to the longer forks, so pushing the rear wheel back keeps the weight balance near where it was before.

So that's no problem, we'll have Ray extend the swingarm, then we just need to extend the brake stay and the brake cable, and the chain. Oh yeah, speaking of the chain, the extra travel means we will have much more chain slack so we'll need some sort of tensioning system.

This is getting complicated. So when Ray brought the unfinished swingarm by to test fit it, we started looking at the other things that needed to be done. Today, with the swingarm mostly done it was time to get to work. Allan and I drove over in the morning, and met Paul and Lonnie at Lonnie's shop.

First up, the chain guide. The bike didn't have one, but we figured it needed one now. We had a guide from an XRsomething, and Ray had added a fin to the swingarm that it could be bolted to. We drilled mounting holes in the fin, made some spacers, and bolted it up.

So that's one down, lots to go.

On to the chain.

We test-fit the chain, it turned out fairly well. There was less slack than expected, we will attach a roller to the frame just behind the front sprocket to take up most of it.

Not mentioned yet, but quite obvious is the need to move the rear fender.

So on to the brake.

It took nearly three hours of messing around to get the brake right. Just a whole lot of 'maybe this will reach' trying different ways of hooking up a cable that would work. In the end, a cable from an MR250 that had been pack-ratted away last year saved the day. It was almost a bolt-up that will require a bit of welding on a clevis part, but no frame or cable mods.

In process:


This was actually going pretty well. Last up was the brake stay. We just screwed on some angle strut like the shocks and called it a day.

So that was our work day in a nutshell. About 6 hours to go from not knowing how it was going to work at all, to having some of the work done and a good idea of how the rest needs to go. Well, for the swingarm at least.
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