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As a n00b when the Rally started.... (but boy do I feel like a veteran now ) the Dakar scoring 101 thread was great but a suggestion for next year, this should have a section on the difference between....

ASO - The Organisation
FIM (and FIA) - The World Governing Bodies
Eurosport - The TV Broadcaster

At times the three were completely confused by some inmates, especially when it came to things like Robby's disqualification, it seemed that most people were convinced this had been done by ASO when it was of course the FIA Jury.

Equally the discussion on "Mudgate" although ASO were obviously instrumental in the "solution" to the timing issue, the final decision rest with the FIM Jury (does anyone know if their is a combined FIM/FIA Jury or two separate ones?)

And then we had numerous comments on the TV coverage that invariably started "why don't ASO cover this........" No it's Eurosport that decide where the cameras are and what ends up on the cutting room floor. Again ASO will have a level of influence but no organiser has total control of the media (even if ASO try very hard to do so). And yes Eurosport are a French based broadcaster but I will make no further comment on that.

OK I'm sure this will still go on and of course not everyone will read it but hopefully we can try and sort out the confusion
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