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Originally Posted by Mad Cow View Post
And then we had numerous comments on the TV coverage that invariably started "why don't ASO cover this........" No it's Eurosport that decide where the cameras are and what ends up on the cutting room floor. Again ASO will have a level of influence but no organiser has total control of the media (even if ASO try very hard to do so). And yes Eurosport are a French based broadcaster but I will make no further comment on that.

OK I'm sure this will still go on and of course not everyone will read it but hopefully we can try and sort out the confusion
Good points, worthy of inclusion in the Cliff Notes, just not sure about the last one...

It's always been my understanding that the ASO crews are the only ones to actually film everything (using their own helicopters & ground crews), and then that footage gets released to TVE / NBC / Eurosport / France24 etc for editing & narration (Carlton etc)... the ASO get the first edit of course...

The only thing a broadcasting partner (TVE, ES, F24) can add is live on the ground reporting in the bivvy (Adelaide and the German guy from last year on Eurosport for example), but not much footage of the actual race, if any
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