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Originally Posted by Brodovitch View Post
It's always been my understanding that the ASO crews are the only ones to actually film everything (using their own helicopters & ground crews), and then that footage gets released to TVE / NBC / Eurosport / France24 etc for editing & narration (Carlton etc)... the ASO get the first edit of course...

The only thing a broadcasting partner (TVE, ES, F24) can add is live on the ground reporting in the bivvy (Adelaide and the German guy from last year on Eurosport for example), but not much footage of the actual race, if any

Eurosport nowadays only has Adelaide on the ground, doing a couple of finisher interviews. This is paid for by VW and we have to watch the "extra" footage of her fooling around in the desert, showing off Ze Amarok kaar. Until last year, VW paid a lot more, resulting in more bivouac footage and more Ze Amarok kaar, ze Touareg kaar, Ze Kris Nissen footage.

The show is pre-produced by the ASO media crew, including basic voice-over and interview translation and is then sent out to ES, SBS, NBC etc., where the local talents then do their own voice over.

Concerning the penalties and disqualifications, I'm not 100% sure, but as the Dakar is NOT a FIM/FIA rally, but is running under ASO rules + FIA/FIM rules, the first level of jurisdiction is in fact a commission of ASO sporting/tech officials, with the courts of appeal being the french motorsports association and then the FIM.

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