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Originally Posted by beechum1 View Post
255$ for a .... switch?
yeah. Sorry. The roadbook and ICO come with their own switches, so you don't really need to add this combo switch. But, many rally racers find that spending $255 (or often more) for a really robust switch makes sense when a broken switch could ruin a race they've spent a year and over $50K preparing for.

There are actually a few similar switches out there that are all priced much higher. F2R makes this one, and their stuff, while expensive by some measures, is more reasonably priced than just about everyone else's. I shop around and test stuff quite a bit before adding new parts to our website. I won't add anything that doesn't work or doesn't last, and I'll try to find the least expensive option to get a particular job done.

Make something cheaper that works well, and I'll offer it on our site.

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